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There are no formal entry requirements. The assessor can observe either one minute lesson or two minute lessons, of which one can be peer-to-peer teaching.

TKT has four core modules. Pass Band 1 2. If you do not do the tasks, you will not learn as much or engage with the materials. If you are coming to this guide for some extra work and revision, you can take the guides in any order.

The TKT Course Modules 1, 2 and 3

No further reference materials or activities are needed. Who is TKT for? Read the instructions carefully. In some matching tests you have 7 or 8 things and only 3 or 4 items to match so you need to use some items more than once.

If you are new to TKT, follow the guides in order starting with the beginning of Module 1 grammar and finishing at the end of Module 3 giving feedback.

Keep a separate notebook for this. The test can take place as part Tkt glossary a teacher training or teacher development course.

That does not, of course, constitute a guarantee! Most teachers are likely to follow a preparation course before taking the test but you can also prepare yourself through your own reading and study, if you prefer. Check through the Teaching Knowledge Test glossary see the link below and make sure you understand all the words.

You may find the Study Companion helpful. Module 1 — Language and background to language learning and teaching: What resources do I need? This flexible and accessible award will help Tkt glossary to understand: Remember that all the questions are worth the same: Each part of the course is written on the basis that you have followed the previous parts.

It is ideal for all teachers, whatever their background and teaching experience, and is also suitable for people who would like to teach English but do not yet have a teaching position. Go back to each of the guides in the Module and do the practice tests at the end again. Module 3 — Managing the teaching and learning process: The current glossary, released in Augustcan be downloaded from the link on this page.

Do not spend more than one minute on each item. Practical — an accessible and affordable way for you to get certification of your teaching abilities. Always read the instruction!

As you work through this guide, make a note of any words and expressions which are new to you. What does TKT involve? TKT gives teachers a strong foundation in the core areas of teaching knowledge needed in the English language teaching classroom. What equipment do I need? In matching tests there is usually one item extra which you do not need to use.

How do I use this course? These can be taken together in one exam session or separately, in any order, over three sessions. Alternatively, if you are already teaching, the test can take place with your own class by arrangement with a TKT centre.

You will also be required to complete a lesson plan for assessment. Should I follow the guides in order? If you follow this course carefully and also read other guides on this site which are linked to it, you will have everything you need to pass TKT.

It is ideal if you have developed your skills and need formal confirmation of your practical teaching competence. If the answer contains exactly the same words as in the question, it is probably the wrong answer! Examination tips Before the examination: Practical includes assessment of:TKT GLOSSARY OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING (ELT) TERMINOLOGY NB This list is indicative only.

Other terms may also be used in TKT. The words are entered into categories so as to help the reader. Some words could fall into more than one category.

TKT Online Training Course

However, to economise on space they have. TKT: Young Learners is designed and produced by University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations (Cambridge ESOL), a department of the University of.

Study Flashcards On TKT GLOSSARY at Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. makes it easy to get the grade you want!/5(1). Description of tkt course pdf doc University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations Teaching Knowledge Test Glossary 1 UCLES filestorage ESOL AOG Assessment Exams TKT Glossary Glossary March TKT GLOSSARY.

©UCLES EMC//7Y11 Teaching Knowledge Test Module 1 Past Examination Paper Teaching Knowledge Test Glossary _____ 1 © UCLES \filestorage\ESOL\AOG\Assessment\Exams\TKT\Glossary\Glossary March .

Tkt glossary
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