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Give reasons to support your answer and show that you have thought about different points of view. Voltaire expresses this universal question in his work "Poem on the Lisbon Disaster" in the passage, "But how The nature of god essay of a God supremely good, Who heaps his favors on the sons he loves Yet scatters evil with as large a hand?

The laws of nature could have been made differently, that is true. And last, it is assumed that God is all-powerful, and every occurrence is according to his omnipresent plan, which implies that all evils are caused by God. If man chooses evil and anger and bitterness, and his misery will continue, but he can also choose to forgive, and love, and in time, perhaps, join Him and escape our hurtful, dangerous world.

Man has the choice, not God, to change the world. Since the bible is Holy it would not be treated like any unread book, the bible ranks above all books and would be treated with the upmost respect.

The bible has that type of spiritual power over Christians. He can lead us to be better and stronger. We can still think of God as kind and righteous if we could admit that God is not all-powerful Kushner Christians who really believe in the lord and take the statements in the bible seriously like the Ten Commandments, it would really have an impact on their life as it would be extremely difficult to follow the commandments correctly without making a single mistake; this would cause stress and frustration to Christians.

In this logic, God can not stop humans from hurting each other or themselves without taking from us free will. After all, God did not pull the trigger, the robber did.

Imagine a parent that allows her child to choose whether or not to do his homework, but when he chooses not to, tells him to choose again.

However, it is that free will that makes us human, and for that we should be thankful. If God decreed that nothing bad would happen to good people, could good people then ignore the laws of nature and not fear any harm Kushner 67? You must refer to Christianity in your answer.

He has given man free will, for what reason, we cannot know. If God is not all-powerful, he cannot be blamed for our miseries. This would explain many inconsistencies in the theory of God; under this theory, God has little to do with our every day lives, but He can no longer be thought of as cruel when a loved one dies or develops cancer.

So it is the parent that blames himself, for being either an irresponsible parent or simply a bad enough person to deserve the loss. Most Christians would believe in god as they have been informed by their vicar or priest in church.

If no one knew anything else, they would feel entitled, and inevitably ask for more. In order to be God, He must have the knowledge and power to have created all of existence, and although this is the most basic of logic, it does not stop the urge to understand, in hopes, perhaps, that the more that is understood, the more peace and progress can be obtained.

One could argue that practice is good parenting, but it is certainly not free choice Kushner Losses are easier to take if one thinks of them as a punishment for something that can be avoided in the future.

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It is natural for man to believe that his good deeds will be rewarded, and either he has been wrong for all recorded time, or he knows instinctively what he can not know logically, in which case, the condemning the idea over lack of evidence would be a grave mistake.

One possibility is that the second assumption is wrong, and God is not supremely good.

God put man in an imperfect world, full of chaos and evil. Therefore, at least one of these assumptions must be wrong.Nature needs to take an important role in our life because of nature every time we connect with nature, we connect with our Creator who is God. The existence of god’s spirit is in nature, the human need to search for God’s understanding of nature that is to have a self-understanding about our purpose on earth and God intentions.

Essay on The Holy Bible - The Nature of God in the Genesis - The Nature of God in the Genesis Genesis is the first book of the Bible. It begins with the story of God’s creation of the universe. The Lord is the Almighty Creator of the world, skies, heavens, seas, animals, man, and woman.

Custom The Nature of God Essay Writing Service || The Nature of God Essay samples, help Human-kind believes in a supernatural God who is a maker of the universe and everything in it. In Christianity, there is a belief in God.

The Nature of God. God is unfathomable; it is the essential nature of God to be infinitely more than we as humans can comprehend.

Feb 20,  · Nature is a wonderful gift, and we participate in a deep and eternal connection to it. When we live out that connection in everyday life, happiness can be found.

I believe that God is revealed through the beauty of nature and present in it. What is the nature of God? Belief in God shapes the way people live their lives.

Belief in God gives people something to hope for, someone to believe in, no matter what their situation in life might be. The early Aztecs believed that only their rain god Tlaloc could relieve their farms from severe droughts.

The nature of god essay
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