The attorney general case

The remaining circuits, now numbering four, were to continue to be served by circuit attorneys appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate. In considering the powers of the Attorney General, the supreme court, in Fergus v.

Office of the Attorney General

Military and Veterans Assistance Program MVAP provides information on military-related scams and assistance for service members and veterans who have been targeted. This Act was reenacted verbatim, effective July 1,as part of the comprehensive revision of Illinois statutory law that resulted in the Illinois Revised Statutes.

Circuit attorneys were charged in section 3 of the Act with prosecuting "all matters and things, pleas, actions, and suits, wherein the state is a party.

In addition to continuing the responsibilities of the Attorney General as set forth in the and Acts, including the responsibility to function as circuit attorney for the first circuit, the Act, in section 2, specifically directed the Attorney General to "attend each of the terms of the supreme court, and there commence, prosecute or defend every case that the people of this state, The attorney general case auditor of public accounts, the state bank or any county of this state shall in any wise be a party to, or interested in the result.

To prosecute all actions, necessary for the protection and defense of the property and revenues of the crown. Sixth - - To prepare, when necessary, proper drafts for contracts and other writings, relating to subjects in which the state is interested.

The Illinois Constitution ofgenerally effective on July 1,continued the Office of Attorney General as it had been established under the Constitution. Fifth - - To consult with and advise the governor and other state officers, and give, when requested, written opinions upon all legal or constitutional questions relating to the duties of such officers, respectively.

Under the provisions of "An Act to create the office of the attorney general, and prescribing his duties," effective February 27, Lawsp. Appearance before the supreme court was the prerogative of the Attorney General, who, as was previously noted, could call upon any of the circuit attorneys for assistance "in the prosecution, or in the defence of any suit in the Supreme Court.

Miner, 3 Lansing NY During the Constitutional Convention, which met in Springfield from June 7 until August 31,language which would have created an elected constitutional office of Attorney General had been suggested by the select committee on the Judiciary for inclusion in the Judicial Article.

Today, however, in most jurisdictions, the term is largely reserved as a title of the permanently appointed attorney general of the state, sovereign or other member of the royal family.

The Attorney General also functioned as a circuit attorney in the circuit that he was to designate under section 7 of the Act. The fact that the common law places the Attorney General in a position of being an advocate for the broader interests of the State, as attorney for the People as a whole, postures him or her to look beyond what can sometimes be the parochial interests of State agencies and governmental units to what is the greater good and the more significant interest.

The Attorney General has been determined, in decisions of the supreme court, to have not just those duties and powers that might be specifically prescribed in statutory enactments, but to have all those duties that appertain to the Office of Attorney General as it was known at common law.

Though none served such a short term, most other holders of the office during its first three decades served for relatively short periods of time, generally one to two years.

Attorney general

The powers generally understood to belong to the Attorney General at common law have been summarized as follows:In most common law jurisdictions, the attorney general or attorney-general (sometimes abbreviated AG) is the main legal advisor to the plural is attorneys general (traditional) or attorney generals.

In some jurisdictions, attorneys general may also have executive responsibility for law enforcement, prosecutions or even responsibility for legal affairs generally. Attorney General Chris Carr is warning consumers to be on the lookout for scams and possible price gouging. Florida's Opioids Lawsuit.

On Tuesday, May 15,Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi filed an action in state court against some of the nation’s largest opioid manufacturers and distributors for their role in the opioid crisis. Search Office of the Attorney General Search the current Agency with a Keyword Filtered Topic Search.

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Attorney General for England and Wales

Kilmartin won a victory in federal court against Education Secretary Betsy DeVos after challenging the U.S. Department of Education's plan to abandon federal protections for students cheated by predatory, for-profit schools.


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The attorney general case
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