Social media or social mind control

No price was disclosed. Refresh your memory With memory being one of the main functions of this grey matter, the effect of social media on our ability to recall events is often questioned.

The Twitter app uses a pull-down method to update content.

Social on Your Mind: What Social Media Does to Your Brain

For one week, the news feeds ofFacebook users were manipulated to contain posts with either an excess of positive terms, an excess of negative terms, or neither. Through alleged negligence, Facebook effectively allowed Cambridge Analytica to use psychographics to target people with political ads adapted to their personalities.

The researchers conducting the study above found that memory and attention span lessened when the participants were using more than one screen or platform at a time, which is how many of us automatically use social media.

Both types of people are targets, using different methods. This support can shape and influence foreign attitudes and behavior in support of US regional objectives, policies, interests, theater military plans, or contingencies. UWEX 16 is particularly troubling because the drill involves the use of foreign troops and the purpose is the suppression of guerrilla warfare operations on a scale that could only be carried out by rogue American military units.

Social media sites exploit our hardwired urge to reciprocate the positivity that someone has shown us so that we engage with their platforms more often. This legal foundation establishes MISO as a communications means and allows their integration with those strategies that apply the instruments of national power.

Memes shared by companies in our newsfeeds are indistinguishable in layout from memes shared by friends. It is argued that this mechanism makes people become addicted to gambling.

Social Media and Mind Control- The Creation of a Hive Mentality

Every aspect of social media is being used against the American people. While this allows social media to be a kind of stress ball for many, the reward cues that those notifications trigger can be addicting for those with addictive personalities.

Emotional Venting — the emotional venting of the slave class is a simple technology, which is used in many other areas as well, not just facebook. Direct mind control techniques can be employed by MISO. Every website that has a Facebook pixel will report your visit to Facebook.

They found that different activities on different platforms positively affected the working memory of participants.

Social media companies want our time, attention, and data to maximize their advertising profits.Social Media and Mind Control- The Creation of a Hive Mentality by Dave Hodges · Published March 29, · Updated March 29, Yesterday, as I was driving, I was listening to Arizona’s top news station (MSM) KTAR radio and the morning host, Jim Sharp, was expressing oncern over the facsination of Google and Facebook with what might loosely be called mind control technology.

As you sit there, slogging away at the social networks, has something titilated your brain? Have your senses been “tweaked” alerting you to some unseen element?

You may be an unwitting victim of social media ruining your mind. That’s right, you read correctly, recent studies may have revealed links tying social media to all manner of ills.

Watch video · Social media is making us depressed, anxious & literally re-wiring our brains. Even top Facebook execs admit we are all being “programmed”. We need to modify our behavior and change our habits before we are modified – permanently. Furthermore, now that your brain is free from storing all these facts that social media can take care of (birthdays, contact information, etc.), it is open and able to make room for, and concentrate on, more important things (such as the name of that sloth video your best friend needs to watch).

The Chinese government has long been suspected of hiring as many as two million ‘ordinary people’ to post complimentary comments on social media to portray growing support for the party. But. May 23,  · Social media companies are hijacking our minds by exploiting psychological vulnerabilities to manipulate and control our time and attention.

That may sound dramatic, but it’s exactly what former employees of these companies, like Facebook cofounder Sean Parker, are .

Social media or social mind control
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