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This was the largest social group and was an alliance of houses instead of villages as such they had neither a chief nor a principal village.

Sometimes, a household was so powerful that it could absorb other houses or even establish its own village. The house was the basic unit of cooperation. While the size of a social group can vary, there are some requirements that are unwavering.

In all communities, you will be able to identify various different types of social groups. Having described the social groups among the Western Bantu and why such units were established, this section will show why the Eastern Bantu failed to form such organised social groups during their migration.

In a village each house had its own area of control. More essays like this: These three units were interrelated in different ways making the entire system flexible and decentralised. The houses were neither patrilineal nor matrilineal hence there were no lineages.

Some people regard a social group as people who generally decide to spend time together in a personal environment. In conclusion it is worth noting that t he Western Bantu established three social units namely the house, the village and the district.

Social Groups The definition of social groups varies from culture to culture. Get Access Sociology and Social Groups Essay Sample The current distribution of Bantu social groups is commonly considered to be a consequence of a Social groups essay recent population expansion in Central Western Africa.

Sociology and Social Groups Essay Sample

In light of this statement, this paper is an attempt to describe the social groups among the Western Bantu with special reference to what necessitated the establishment of such groups and show why the Eastern Bantu failed to form any organised social group during this migration.

These are just a few of examples. Initially the Eastern Bantu grew bananas which they bartered with the Pygmies for meat. It is not the size of the social group that defines its existence, as long as there is more than one person and there is a unifying element then it is a group.

Whether the group is made up of two people, or a hundred people, it can still be considered a social group. The ideal labour force needed determined the membership o f the household.

Journal of African History, 13, — On the contrary, the Eastern Bantu were less organised and could not form organised social group s. Some sheds were used for industrial work such as weaving or iron-smiting and others. On the other hand Shillingtoncommenting on the largest Bantu social group, contends that when groups of villages realised that they could no longer exist in isolation with each other as the need for common defence and security, trade and inter -marriage became apparent, districts were established.

An overall agreement was sufficient for the day to day running of the district. These elements are what make the collection of people a social group, and not just people who are in the same room.

The students are working together to gain the knowledge that the teacher is trying to instill. Some of the most common types of social groups that you would be able to observe within a community include sports teams, students of the same class or program, people who work at the same company, and families.

They were explorers, who wanted the excitements of different lifestyles. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Social groups must have more than one person in them, the people will share commonalities, and there will have to be an over all feeling of being unified on one belief, action, or purpose.

While there is a substantial consensus regarding the centre of origin of Bantu the Benue River Valley, between South East Nigeria and Western Cameroonthe identification of the area from where the population expansion actually started, the relation between the processes leading to the spread of languages and peoples and the relevance of local migratory events remain controversial.

Each household chose freely which village its members wanted to belong to; each village in turn chose freely other villages as allies to form a district. The flexibility and decentralisation could be seen in the way the units operated.

The sports teams are working together to win the competitive games. The families are working together toward building a safe and healthy environment for the family. Principal of these include the slow pace with which they migrated, the sudden change in weather pattern encountered during their migration, and the adjustments in means of socio -economic sustainability.

From the observations by Greenberg and Schcenbrun, it is clear that the fact that the Eastern Bantu did not move much away from their original settlement did little to change their lifestyles. The house was the basic social unit and acted as the establishment of a big man.

The main core elements that unify each group include the facts that all of the members are working toward a common goal.Being a member of a social group Essay. A+.

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Social Groups

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The current distribution of Bantu social groups is commonly considered to be a consequence of a relatively recent population expansion in Central Western Africa.

Essay on What Held Societies and Social Groups Together - Durkheim was a social theorist whose main concern was the basis of integration and solidarity in human societies.

Initially, his focus was society as a whole, later he brought his attention to examining rituals and interactions of people in face-to-face contact.

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Social groups are the most stable and enduring social units. They are important to both, their members and their whole society.

They are important to both, their members and their whole society. A very important characteristic of social groups is that they encourage regular and predictable behavior, basic concepts in which society rests.

Social Groups is two or more people who identify with and interact with one another Primary Groups is a small social group who shares personal and lasting relationships Secondary Groups is a large and impersonal social group .

Social groups essay
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