Recruitment and selection in the banking industry a case study of zenith bank


Manpower training and manpower development are two inter-related processes whose importance cannot be overemphasized in any decision of strategic human resource management. The aim of the project among others is to answer the questions about whether training and learning within an organization could be productive or not and this have sparked the interest in examining prevalent but often inconsistent assumption about what constitutes training within an organization.

These emphasis on manpower and development is influenced by the belief that it is now desirable to focus more attention on areas which in the past has been relatively neglected because every organization regardless of its size must provide for the needs, interest and desire of its employee within the work environment if it is to earn loyalty, dedication, involvement and commitment necessary to compete effectively.

According to De Philips et al According to him, manpower planning covers much than simple planning the future manpower requirements of an organization since it hinges on all aspects of the business.

Gain, steps must first be taken to determine valid training needs. This is a student institutional method used in colleges, polytechnics and universities.

This method is different from conventional form of training in which the trainer guides the process because the materials to be learned with is presented in a way the student can control. If training is productive, it must be systematically planned and executed.

In doing this, the company increases productivity and the individual advances his career. A lot of finance was also required in making this project a reality, thus, the researcher was faced with the problem of finance and time.

Since it is the people that will put the other resources to work, it should be viewed as such by management by giving it due attention in order to achieve its organizational goals and objectives.

According to Stemetz et al Personnel Management in Nigeria, Lagos: People are trained on real life experience, i. There is no direct relationship between manpower training and productivity in the bank. These include unskilled, skilled supervisory and management staff of a company.

Manpower development is important in any discussion of strategic human resources management. The coverage may give time representation of selection practice in the government owned enterprises in the economy and the organized private sector. Thus, the human factors manpower is the main stay of the organization.

For the management of Intercontinental Bank Plc, the benefit of training and development is that quality of work, life of the employees will reciprocate with increase performance on the job.

The particular method chosen by a company can be influenced by considering cost and time available, number of persons to be trained, depth of knowledge required, background of the trainee, etc. This includes expansion contraction or internal adjustment of present workforce.

Development of Manpower in Nigeria, Ibadan: Planning Corporate Manpower, London: It is the involvement of efforts aimed at improving the quality as well as the number of management staff. This obviously that specialists are needed to handle the resource of the organization to maximize returns.

According to Richard Johnson It relates to series of activities, which an enterprise would embark upon to improve its managerial capacity. There had been a progressive decline in the ability of manpower to cope with the challenges that attend the over unfolding new dispensation in the industry, in the circumstance, what we find is that the rise in industrial output is inconsequential in spite of the enormous wave of modern technology that now exist in industrial activities.

It also comes with the impression that the only concrete matter it deals with is future supply of manpower. Since the earlythe human factor of production of manpower as it is alternatively called, has increasable been recognized as the most critical resource of the factors without which an effective utilization of all other factors remain a dream.

Are the employees of the Intercontinental Bank Plc satisfied with quality of the selection and interview procedure?

This goes to buttress how environmental influence affects the behaviour of workers which in turn affects the productivity. He gave reasons for the need to determine training: Vestibule training is a system of training sued when large number of people is to be trained on special machines or equipments.To study sectoral trends in banking, map these with business level of the Bank and providing decision support inputs.

Banking reports explaining vital trends in the industry/States/Regions etc. and. A study in the Nigerian banking industry found that humane treatment of employees is a strategy to enhance organizational performance and employee retention (Gberevbie, ).

Bank Nigeria PLC., Union Bank Nigeria Plc., and Zenith Bank Nigeria PLC., in Enugu Metropolis. sustainability and growth in the banking industry.

2. To examine the human capital development strategies and development in the banking industry? 6. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY The information generated by this study will be useful in.

The paper examines a case study of recruitment and selection of quality academic staff into Covenant University. The paper addresses the factors that could affect recruitment sources and the advantages of identification of such sources.

19 Case Study: Reliance Industries Limited Overview Reliance Industries Limited is India’s largest private enterprise, with busi-nesses straddling several sectors and a workforce of 25, employees.

Recruitment and Quality Academic Staff Selection: The Case Study of Covenant University

Project Report On Human Resource Management in Banking Sector ―STATE BANK OF INDIA‖ [Submitted in partial fulfilment] [ Second Semester – January to May ] As a part of the Curriculum of MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION [MBA] From Bhai Parmanand institute of Business Studies, Delhi.

Recruitment and selection in the banking industry a case study of zenith bank
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