Political and social consequences of the protestant reformation

The English reformation was state led, originally anyhow! In addition to the Calvinists Geneva, Anabaptists set their own communities as well. Magic and religion were closely intertwined.

They also tended to be ill tempered and sharp tongued. Thus, much religious practice which had previously been a mystery to many, particularly the poor, uneducated classes was made accessible and understandable.

The Reformation had enduring effects. Some estimates for the entire life of the Witch craze place the number at over one million. Calvinism alone made separation a matter of law.

Persecutions for witchcraft predated Christianity. The following quote from the Malleus is indicative. Witch hunts became something of a crazed mania. Describe the events leading up to the Protestant Reformation that caused religion to co-exist with politics?

It differed from all previous heretical movements in that it was not concerned with one or a few definite points of doctrine but was directed against the whole complex and system of Christianity as then understood; it gave licence to the human self in the spiritual and religious order.

Henry seized the monasteries and set up a more modern welfare system. They were the guardians of tradition and were "the source of all sin. Belief in witchcraft was not confined to the lower classes. Some worked for good, while others worked for evil. One of the most famous was the essayist and swordsman, Cyrano de Bergerac, often remembered for his prodigious nose he himself said it preceded his body by half an hour.

Therefore, through its political and social effects, the Reformation helped to set the stage for the modern world. Popular custom of the time often involved a mixture of religious and pagan practices.

Both Luther and Calvin stressed education and that people should study the scripture for themselves, rather than depend upon a clergyman to interpret it for them. What was the original cause of the Protestant Reformation? It was edited by both Catholics and Protestants: Although the printing press was not the efficient cause of the Reformation, it was an effective tool in spreading it.

These forms and music were almost exclusively in the vernacular, whereas much had previously been in Latin only, which only educated people knew. The overwhelming majority of those accused were women.

An example may be seen in the old verse, All men are equal in the eyes of God; such proverbs would create a kink in the Great Chain of Being, and would, therefore, challenge the authority of the pope and other major religious figures.

The Malleus is laced with misogyny, and, according to one author, "sums up much of the worst in Western thought about women. What were the long-term political effects of the Protestant Reformation?

How did Catherine of Aragon effect the Protestant Reformation?

Most were between ages fifty to seventy. With the expansion of European influence to Asia and the Americas, reformation influences, particularly Jesuit influence, traveled to remote areas where Christianity had previously been unknown.

The common people criticized the management of the church and began to doubt some of its teachings. He constructed the piazza outside the entrance to St. There is not one original cause. The Pope would still control a secular state for over more years.

Many consequences of the reformation were political.

Political and Social Consequences of the Protestant Reformation Essay Sample

If God could act in history, so could Satan.The Social and Political Consequences of the Protestant Reformation By: Brett Forman Ben Dugger Social Consequences of the Protestant Reformation Revolts.

Discuss the political and social consequences of the Protestant Reformation in the first half of the sixteenth century. Thesis: The Protestant Reformation brought many social consequences in family, education and religious practices, while politically, it sparked many wars as well as discomfort within the countries and between countries.

The political effects of The Protestant Reformation were quite gradual. They involved one item or country at a time. Luther tacked up his Thesis and the sale of indulgences ended.

This Reformation ultimately led to several significant social and political consequences. On one note, the Reformation led to the once-all Catholic western Europeans being separated into several demographics: Catholic Christianty, Protestant Christianty, and.

Social Effects of the Reformation. Although the Reformation is styled as a religious reaction against corruption and abuse within the Catholic Church, it reflected profound changes within European society itself. Political and Social Consequences of the Protestant Reformation.

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Political and social consequences of the protestant reformation
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