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Could we see a return to scenes like this, when American schoolchildren practiced taking shelter under their desks amid Cold War nuclear tensions? Saudi Arabia, in a deep power struggle with Iran, would likely follow.

Russia is ready for this.

The Russian president is driven by fear that his country is "falling behind". But, he added, "I hope that everything that was said today would make any potential aggressor think twice The threat remains, too, of nuclear terrorism: He is playing catch-up and says his new weapons can evade American missile defences.

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Terrorism was never the scourge of our age: In a two-hour speech, Putin devoted more than half an hour to his nuclear arsenal, telling the Russian people: Fewer nukes, but more danger Last week, Vladimir Putin, fired what some have called the first shot in a new nuclear arms race, using his state of the nation speech to talk up his "invincible" new nuclear arsenal.

The threat of terrorism has been replaced with an even greater fear: Pakistan and India are locked in a nuclear-armed existential stand off.

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Walter Albertin US intelligence believes North Korea could have as many as 60 nuclear bombs and has now tested missiles that could deliver them as far away as the United States or Australia. North Korea is now offering a nuclear moratorium in return for security guarantees and direct talks with the United States.

History tells us this is unlikely, and North Korea has mastered the art of bait-and-switch entering negotiations then walking away all the while developing its nuclear arsenal.

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Trade warsspies poisoneda new Mao Zedong back in power in China, Russian meddling in foreign elections and a threat of nuclear war: Iran has done a deal to wind back its nuclear ambitions in exchange for the lifting of economic sanctions — a bombs-for-cash swap — that critics say only delays the inevitable: David Moir Japan is the only country to have suffered a nuclear attack twice, in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and it has no plans to develop a nuclear weapons program.

There are big "ifs", but analysts believe Japan would have enough nuclear material and knowhow to fast-track the bomb. Nations talk less about disarmament — now they boast of their nuclear capacity and are ramping up to use it.Provides homeland security news and analysis, from a network of field experts who cover topics dealing with terrorism, cybersecurity, and national security.

War on Terror; Clockwise from top left: Aftermath of the September 11 attacks; American infantry in Afghanistan; an American soldier and Afghan interpreter in Zabul Province, Afghanistan; explosion of an Iraqi car bomb in Baghdad.

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News analysis war on terrorism
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