Name the federal government agency that requires a publicly held corporation to keep shareholders in

Is adoption regulated by state or federal agencies?

Some statutes require a corporation to have specific officers; others merely require that the bylaws contain a description of the officers. Shareholders elect directors each year at the annual meeting. For example, one business reporter asked about a private prison company that was postponing expanding facilities, according to a Q.

The articles of incorporation must state the type or types and the number of shares that can be issued.


Such an agreement is designed to maintain control or to maximize voting power. Multinational corporations Corporations Artificial entities that are created by state statute, and that are treated much like individuals under the law, having legally enforceable rights, the ability to acquire debt and to pay out profits, the ability to hold and transfer property, the ability to enter into contracts, the requirement to pay taxes, and the ability to sue and be sued.

For example, a taxicab enterprise may consist of five corporations with two taxis each, a corporation for the dispatching unit, and a corporation for the parking garage.

Public Disclosures Protect Investors Our federal securities laws are based on public disclosure by companies of meaningful business, financial and other information.

Federal regulation of publicly traded companies

Thenall of the electoral votes are added up; whichever candidate winsthe most electoral votes is the new president-elect.

The answer often depends on the type of corporation. They elect, and sometimes remove, the directors, and occasionally they must vote on specific corporate transactions or operations. Florida the state outsources the adoption and foster care services and regulation to local agencies.

In proxy contests over large, publicly held corporations, federal regulations prohibit, among other things, false or misleading statements in solicitations for proxy votes. Do your homework beforehand. The veil creates a separate, legally recognized corporate entity and shields the people behind the corporation from personal liability.

The board of directors then elects the officers who run the day-to-day operations. New regulations have also modified the accounting methods that by these companies employed.

Confidence in American corporations decreased further with a series of corporate failure based largely upon mismanagement by directors and officers. This power to vote, although limited, gives the shareholders some role in running a corporation. As mentioned, we view companies as public if they are subject to public reporting obligations.

Mergers also can involve parent corporations and their subsidiaries. Getting and finishing courses for medical billing or coding will definitely even help you do your job better.

Sell securities in a public offering such as an initial public offeringor IPO ; Allow their investor base to reach a certain size, which triggers public reporting obligations; OR Voluntarily register with us.

The only subjects that a special meeting may address are those that are specifically listed in an advance notice. Foreign companies that file reports with the SEC may file different types of reports. The shareholders first must demand that the directors enforce the right or remedy the wrong; if they fail to make a demand, they must offer sufficient proof of the futility of such a demand.

Public Companies

There are other Web sites that often include SEC documents, such as www. What are the legal requirements of a corporating business?

What were the first publicly traded securities in the US?

Directors often delegate to corporate officers their authority to formulate policy and to manage the business.

The facts of a particular case must show some misuse of the corporate privilege or show a reason to cut back or limit the corporate privilege to prevent fraud, Misrepresentationor illegality or to achieve Equity or fairness.Publicly-held corporations are those whose shares are traded on a public stock exchange.

At the time of this writing (November, ), the five. Jan 28,  · Best Answer: There is none. Corporate records and filing are kept by the state of incorporation, the state the business formed itself in. You may be thinking of only large, publicly held Corps. They have to file documents with Status: Resolved.

The size of companies that fall under the Act has been amended over the years; currently, the Act applies to publicly traded companies that have more than shareholders and $10 million in assets.

like shareholders of a publicly held corporation, shareholders of a close corporation have limited liability for corporate debts true a shareholder may be held personally liable to the corporation's creditor if the corporation and the shareholder have depleted corporate assets by engaging in less than arm's length transactions with each other.

In addition, B. Name the federal government agency that requires a publicly held corporation to keep shareholders informed of its state of business.

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is the corporation to keep shareholders informed of 83%(6). Public companies must continue to keep their shareholders informed on a regular basis by filing periodic reports and other materials with the SEC.

The SEC makes these documents publicly available without charge on its EDGAR website.

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Name the federal government agency that requires a publicly held corporation to keep shareholders in
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