Literary merit

In some ways, what we consider classics have more to do with our modern sensibilities than anything else.

Literary merit

Anyone who has picked up a book based on their 4. Obviously such a test cannot be applied to a new or recent work, and one cannot, I think, offer soundly an opinion on the probability of endurance save on a much wider acquaintance with the work or works of a writer than I have of Mr.

The Count of Monte Cristo is truly exciting — if you find a well-edited version — and well-plotted. They can be well-drawn, with nuanced conflicts and protrayed with bracing honesty.

Aside from this test of durability, I think the test of literary merit must be, to my mind, first, the sincerity of the writer. Therefore, it is entirely possible for literature to demonstrate merit and a strong public interest.

It sure can seem like a racket run by wrinkled old men wearing tweed jackets bent on boring everyone else to death. Typically, prose scholars consider the theme or greater message of the text, often in relation to motifs or symbols found within the story.

The way that a writer arranges their words can transcend the language adn turn it into something of beauty. A cup of good characters rounded out with some plotting and world-building.

Artistic merit

However, change in personal tastes coupled with an increase in American literacy explains this discrepancy. Book series including the likes of Harry Potter and The Lord of the Ringsboth of which have received positive reviews, also benefit from strong sales.

If you like my writing on books and literature, check out my other literature-related posts on Medium. Sometimes we get lucky and our tastes overlap with literary merit.

Stringing words together and hoping Literary merit the best. His response outlines some of the popular criteria: In other words, they get lucky. I would be willing, I think, even to add the seriousness of purpose of the writer, if we do not by that leave out the fact that a writer can have a fundamental serious purpose and make a humorous approach to it.

Literary merits might seem to be some magical concoction of the aforementioned factors.How to Tell if a Piece of Fiction Has Literary Merit. Literary merit can be a dangerous term.

If you stand up in an English department meeting and declare that Hemingway is an alocholic sexist who couldn’t write for the JCPenny catalogue, you might start a civil war. Literary merit is a highly contentious topic that might get you shanked at an English department meeting for suggesting that Hemingway is a big bag of alcoholic crap.

As any teenager who read the SparkNotes version of Heart of Darkness will tell you, literary merit can seem to be a fatuous award. I thought the samples were incredible and will tell the panel the author clearly deserves consideration. But what is it that makes them incredible?

Here are some of the characteristics I’ve chosen to represent literary merit: * Voice. Is the author’s voice distinctive enough to be recognizable across the samples?

*. Work of Literary Merit Since the early s, instructors teaching freshman composition at SRJC have selected one work of literary merit (WOLM) to be read by all English 1A students, which is about students per semester. Aug 06,  · Best Answer: It's a term that describes the value a literary work has in the world.

A novel such as "The Great Gatsby" is considered to have high literary merit because of its craftmanship and the way it relates values pertinent to an era of American life. Status: Resolved. Literary Merit. While the process of establishing literary merit is difficult, it is the only method currently available to separate work that has significant cultural value from work that is .

Literary merit
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