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Jina grahe dhan arpana — this is a post-wedding ritual unique to Jains. Jains are a peace-loving community with deep sense of spirituality that guides their traditions.

Thus, the marriage rituals among the Jains are not the same throughout India and vary considerably between communities and regions. The couple circles the sacred fire four times where the bride walks ahead of the groom for the first phera and lagnotri writing a letter groom ahead of the bride for the remaining three.

Post-wedding Rituals Image Source: Generally held a day or two before the actual wedding date, it is a fun event where all female members of the family get together to lagnotri writing a letter henna applied to their hands. This is known as the Lagna Patrika Vachan. She is welcomed by her in-laws with much warmth and grandeur.

Thamba Prathistai and Kankanam Katusthathu — During this ritual a Sacred vessel is placed at the altar before God and a puja is conducted by the priest where he prepares special sacred thread called Kankanam.

In this way the prominent rites of the marriage ceremony are practically the same among Svetambaras all over India and the same is true about the Digambaras as well. To be masters of self-restraint and longevity, to work for the welfare of the family as well as the community.

The couple visits a Jain temple along with their respective families and distributes alms to the poor. For Jain weddings the bride may either wear a saree or a lehenga depending on family traditions and personal taste.

Among Marwari Jains, Lehenga is preferred. This is usually followed by a bath and the discarded clothes are given away. Pre-wedding Rituals Image Source: The Pheras are followed by taking of the seven vows of wedding which are as follows: Sherwanis are intricately designed long silk garments with a stiff collar and ornate buttons.

According to Shwetambars, there are sixteen main rites in a marriage ceremony, which are — Matrkasthapana, Saptakulakarasthapana, Varaghodano Santimantra, Hastamelapa, Agnisthapana, Homa, Prathamabhisheka, Gotroccara, Mandapavedipratistha, Toranapratishtha, Agnipradaksina, Kanyadana, Vasaksepa,Dvitiyabhiseka, Karamocana, and Asirvada.

The lehengas range from simple ones to very intricate. Red is the preferred color although now other colors are also favoured. The Kankanam is then tied to the hands of the bride and the groom.

He typically wears some jewelry around the neck like a long string of pearls and gold chains. The bride is decked up in a lot of jewelry which may be gold or Kundan Jadau. In Jain weddings of Gujarat they generally wear sarees draped in typical Gujarati style.

To increase wealth by righteous means. To provide home with a nourishing and pure diet. After this the groom rides the horse and visits a nearby temple to seek the blessings of the Almighty. The bride then proceeds to sit on the left side of the groom and is now designated as a Vamangi which means she is now the better half of her husband.

Instead of Haldi or turmeric paste, the bride and the groom are anointed with chickpea flour or besan by the married women of their respective families.

Sagai — Sagai refers to the formal engagement ceremony and is akin to the Tilak ceremony of the Hindus. To be blessed by strong, noble and virtuous children.

The Pandit reads out aloud for all assembled family members, relatives and friends to hear.

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