Good son daughter

A person who was most respectful to his parents was highly praised and often set up as a model in the society.

The ancient Chinese thought that there was a connection between the relations within the family and political institutions of the country. No child is born good or bad. Parents always suppress their own desires to do their best for their child.

They tried their bests to make our life happy and comfortable. He would know his duties as regards his parents and would always try to fulfill those in time. They provided us food and clothes, and send us to schools to be educated.

Now young people may stand on an equal relation with their parents and they stress more personal freedom and independence. Also they will be respectful to their parents and would always give thought to their suggestions and would always try to act upon those. All these qualities are universal and never been going to change over time or culture.

So we should keep in touch with them by telephone, letter and email, not making them feel lonely. They extended the formula of administering a family to social and political affairs.

It is extremely important for parents to provide to their kinds a clear explanation of what is bad and what is good. In our culture too, we see that with the passage of time the children have developed the habits of not obeying their parents. A good child must never ignore their parents but must help in their times of need.

But the traditional ideology remains to be very influential, a good son who is respectful to and takes cares of his parents is considered by others as one of high moral character.

Are You A Good Son Or Daughter?

A good child should respect his or her parents, support and help them in their times of need, and always make their parents proud. However, they have some common expectations from their children, such as; respect, achievements in life, and the ability to make them proud.

Parents have done a lot to bring up their children. It is a fact that as children grow to their youth, parents start their journey of old age. Caring parents always sacrifice everything for their children.

In my opinion, the basic qualities of being a good son or daughter have been remaining the same over years. This has with the passage of time played a vital role in weakening the family bonds. Likewise there is a great status of father in Islam too and one is asked to act upon the advices of their parents always unless they order him to change his religion.

The second quality for a good son or daughter is that we should take care of our parents when they become old.In my opinion, a good son or daughter will be obedient, will communicate and respect his or her parents in any circumstances. Children should be obedient to their parents because parents are experienced and they know better what is good or bad for their child.

A good son or daughter should have certain qualities.

How to Be a Better Son or Daughter

Being hard working, sympathetic, and respectful of parents are the most important qualities of a good son or daughter. First of all, a good son or daughter should be a hard working person. How to Be a Better Son or Daughter. Tips to encourage gratitude and banish grouchiness.

By Sunny Sea Gold on March 1, ; and the author of Food: The Good Girl's Drug (Berkley Books, ). Aug 23,  · How to Be a Good Daughter. Your parents are some of the most important people in your life, and being a good daughter to them is likely a goal of yours. Maybe you already have a strong relationship with your parents but are looking to improve it.

Important qualities of a good son or daughter? – Essay

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Good son daughter
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