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She was so energetic and full of life that she wanted to free Ethan from this terrible society he lived in. The image of the butterfly, which has defied the cold and death of winter symbolizes freedom; freedom that Ethan is unable to attain because he is trapped in a loveless marriage.

Ethan finds himself falling in love with Mattie, drawn to her youthful energy, as, "The pure air, and the long summer hours in the open, gave life and elasticity to Mattie" Wharton Further, Zeena becomes more powerful in her absence: With the decision to send Mattie away, Zeena thought she won the battle.

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Of all the characters in this novel, Mattie is the most tragic. By the end of the novel, all three main characters are forced to succumb to the forces of the Starkfield winters—both the symbolic winter and the real one.

He was a poor man, the husband of a sickly woman, whom his desertion would leave alone and destitute; and even if he had had the heart to desert her he could have done so only by deceiving two kindly people who had pitied him.

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Also, the environment is as hostile as ever. Ethan Frome is a story of ill-fated love, set during the winter in the rural New England town of Starkfield.

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Zeena is the cold and ugly reality from which Ethan tries to escape in his dreams of a life with Mattie. Ethan frome fantasy is an escape from winter Ethan Frome: Once Ethan and Mattie decide to take their lives, as if to suggest that something will go wrong, the sky is described as, "swollen with clouds that announce a thaw, hung as low as before a summer storm" Wharton Ethan is also isolated.

Images of death, frozen submission, imprisonment, and sterility imbue Ethan Frome with a sense of grim determinism.

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The imagery associated with Zeena is bleak and cold also. After a visit to the doctor, Zeena is told that she needs more sufficient hired help. Several years after their marriage, cousin Mattie Silver is asked to relieve Zeena, a gaunt and sallow hypochondriac, of her household duties.

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We will write a custom essay sample on Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton: The name of the town, Starkfield, symbolizes the devastating and isolating effects of the harsh winters on the land and the men who work the land.Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton Setting Analysis Essay; Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton Setting Analysis Essay.

Words Sep 16th, 4 Pages. Set in the bleak winter landscape of New England, Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton is the story of a poor, lonely man, his. - Powerful Winter Imagery in Edith Wharton's Ethan Frome Ethan Frome, the title character of Edith Wharton's tragic novel, lives in his own world of silence, where he replaces his scarcity of words with images and fantasies.

Critical Essays Use of Literary Tools in Ethan Frome. Orion, in a "sky of iron." When Ethan and Mattie enter the Frome household after walking home, the kitchen has "the deadly chill of a vault after the dry cold of the night." The most important use of symbolic imagery in Ethan Frome is the winter setting, which is first described in.

Home Essays Imagery in Ethan Frome Ethan Frome, the title character of the novel by Edith Warton, lives in a world that constrains him; one that he is unable to escape from. The prominent use of winter imagery throughout this novel conveys this ideas of detachment and isolation. The characters of Ethan Frome are negatively affected physically, psychologically and symbolically by winter setting that the author deliberately displays in this novel.

The author, Edith Wharton, masterfully describes the geography and weather, to set the tone and mental conditions of the main 3/5(2).

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