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Most of the rock-cut structures were related to various religious communities. The distinct architectural style of temple construction in different parts was a result of geographical, climatic, ethnic, racial, historical and linguistic diversities. Many Hindu ideas and thoughts are greatly reflected in the Hindu architecture.

This classification is based on different architectural styles, employed in the construction of the temples. The cosmic body is positioned in relation to the site.

Hindu traditions tell us that there are forces, some subtle and others not so subtle, some positive and some negative, around us at all times and it is in our interest to take full advantage of these positive forces and avoid the negative forces Villainies, Hindu architecture bear witness to the strong spirituality of India.

Large temples sometimes have separate buildings for meditation halls, offices and other purposes, and elaborate porches. It is also a conglomeration of intellectual and philosophical points of view, rather than inelastic common sets of beliefs. In that sculpture, the plastic modeling reveals the animating breath of life.

The gates are usually protected by sculpted warriors and sometimes river goddesses Richard Blurter, They made the ceramic storage jars with simple, stylized designs, toys with wheels and figurines, which may be mother goddesses.

The chaitya halls were religious temples hewn out of a rock.

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It is significant not only for religious activities but also for elements of culture, society and education.

Sunga and Andhra dynasties During the 2nd century, he stupas date from the Sunga dynasty and early Andhra dynasty 1st century. In Indus Valley civilization, also have the right premise of the drainage system.

Many of the old people have described the high art in their life, which they made possible. It is the most sacred part of the temple and symbolizes a womb. In the western world, important collections of Indian art can see in the British Museum of Fine Arts. First, the straight line of he ridge suggested itself as the route for one of the main east-west thorough fares and building a road along its crest makes best possible use of the topography for the purpose of drainage.

Rock-cut architecture The Rock-cut structures present the most spectacular piece of ancient Indian art specimen. The monolithic, smooth columns are over 50ft high and surmounted by lotus capitals and animals figure. There are many religious themes in Ancient Indian art and architecture. However since this was an imperial road that could not be encroached on, thus the tit had to be contained to the north of this line.

The south is considered neutral.

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Maurya dynasty architecture During the period from the end of Indus valley civilization, the great Alexander crossed the Indus and remains few traces.

In this region, also found the square steatite seals adorned with the range of animals, including with the naturalistically rendered bulls. Some of the pillar capitals reveal forms that suggest Persepolitan influences.

In images of Buddha, different hand positions signify religious states, such as the enlightenment, meditation, and preaching. The design of a building should align with the universe so that we control the forces of the universe within that building Villainies, In Hinduism the temple is a central element in all aspects of everyday life.Hindu architecture evolved over the centuries from simple rock-cut cave shrines to massive and ornate temples which spread across the Indian sub-continent and beyond, forming a canonical style which is still adhered to today in modern Hindu temples across the globe.

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Hinduism Architecture Hinduism is a predominant religion of the Indian subcontinent. It begins simply by differentiating between matter and spirit and the theology of the religion is based upon three main truths, God, Matter and Soul (Richard Blurter, ).

It is also a conglomeration of. Much of Indian architecture, including the Taj Mahal, other works of Mughal architecture, and South Indian architecture, blends ancient local traditions with imported styles.

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Vernacular Art, Architecture, and Literature | India | FANDOM powered by Wikia. Similarities And Differences Between Rajput And Mughal Paintings History Essay.

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Print Reference this. Published: This essay will account for the similarities and differences between Rajput and Mughal court paintings. C:\Users\Behnaz\Pictures\mongol\buddhistjpg Instead of the art of painting, architecture was Shahjahan's attraction.

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Essays on indian art and architecture by rajkumar
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