Employee motivation in the workplace essay

Human Motivation in the Workplace Essay

Thus, a smaller group size where employees rely on one another raises motivation to perform well and reap the rewards as opposed to individual rewards. Motivation is what gives people a reason to perform or behave in a certain way with the desire or willingness to gain something.

Overall, Verizon Wireless has done an excellent job of executing a robust employee motivation plan. All levels of the management hierarchy are impacted by choices related to motivational policies.

Culture within an organization can have a large impact on employee satisfaction from top to bottom Wani Productivity and job satisfaction are major considerations when implementing any changes to the motivational policies within the company.

In many cases, this can be handled by simply providing a clear explanation to the customer. This engages employees to build stronger lasting relationships with one another and further motivates them.

One of the notable weaknesses of the reward system is its lack of focus on employee Employee motivation in the workplace essay. Furthermore, using company values to create a sense of identity within the organization was also effective.

Goals can include anything from improving performance to attending additional training to mentoring a fellow employee. This would greatly increase the levels of intrinsic motivation because it would promote feelings of participation in the company mission.

Conditional cooperation, according to Public Choice Theory, suggests that managers are able to achieve cooperation and motivation from employees if there is a mutual understanding of benefits for both parties where reward systems are present Spicer,p. Reinventing Rewards Systems for a Happier Office.

First, the representative must listen to the customer and clarify the details of their issue. Employees do not have the ability to set their own schedule for breaks and lunches.

Some representatives may be motivated by altruistic feelings to help the customer, while others may be motivated to improve performance and advanced within their careers. Therefore, the major elements of company values, organizational justice and group interaction were critical in making employees more committed and motivated to the whole organization.

Representatives are left with the challenge of resolving disputes or technical problems that have been experienced by the customer. Employees were highly motivated to see that managers respected subordinates and supported cooperative interaction.

For example, the company could make improvements to working conditions by listening to the recommendations of the people on the ground floor. Select network If you are writing an essay on motivating employees for your psychology class, you came to the right place. Valuable gifts, such as electronics and home appliances, are awarded via raffles to those employees who were invited to attend.

In communicating a clear message to employees, the job is no longer just a means towards the end of a paycheck; instead, the end result is a higher calling Dressler, p.

Human motivation is a crucial element in the workplace and it is responsible for the overall satisfaction of employees. This objective could be achieved by implementing an improved communication system that allows coworkers to share their ideas throughout the organization.

The key elements of motivating employees based on this article are interdependent interaction within groups and mutual benefits of cooperation. Although employee recognition programs are highly effective, the most coveted motivational program is the annual bonus.

Companies tended to have more committed and motivated employees if there was habitual group contact through activities regulated by the company Dressler, p. Although the intrinsic motivation is limited, each individual is still responsible for producing results. Consequently, being part of a broader identity and being treated like a unit was an especially useful cultural adaptation that contributed to a highly motivated and efficient workforce.

In giving employees opportunities to excel, rewarding their efforts and helping them along the way, companies can further motivate their workforce to go above and beyond their expectations. Despite being especially effective in smaller groups, workforce unity on a symbolic level was effective in motivating employees because the job in itself became a much higher calling that individuals were enthusiastic to be a part of and participate accordingly.The Effect of Motivation on an Employee's Work Performance - The aim of this essay is to give an in depth explanation on the effect that motivation can have.

It is an absolute necessity to keep employees motivated in the workplace and encourage them to perform above the extent to which group interaction is with the same people is also influential in determining employee motivation.

Individuals that work together regularly have a higher incentive to cooperate because they know that future /5(2). The company could improve employee motivation by focus on improvements that directly apply to happiness in the workplace.

Sample Essay on Motivating Employees

For example, the company could make improvements to working conditions by listening to the recommendations of the people on the ground floor. Motivation in the workplace Understand how to gain committed employee co-operation and the importance of managing performance at work (P3, P4, M2, and D1) 1.

Outline how an organisations motivational practices and reward systems are informed by theories of motivation. Motivation in the Workplace University of Phoenix PSY Motivation in the Workplace The workplace at Roadway Express consists of a diverse group of employee, all which have unique motivational needs.

Some employees try hard to meet their own personal goals and satisfaction levels. To better comprehend employee attitudes and motivation, Frederic Herzberg performed studies to assess which factors in an employee's workplace caused satisfaction and dissatisfaction.

He published his findings in the book "The Motivation to Work".

Employee motivation in the workplace essay
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