Anjons the fashion house

As keeping our own culture is their objectives so that they do not think another fashion houses as their competitors they want to do work together as a family. Because their main motto is to serve their customers with deshi product and to enrich our Bangladeshi culture and tradition. Shaheen Ahmmed of his own concepts and designs.

The time we are provided, was not adequate.

Anjon’s the fashion house Essay Sample

More precisely we can identify the objective of this report as follows: Their market growth is very good. Tauhid Hasan Manik and Mr. Finally, we would like to thank our family for their numerous support in both financially and mentally which helps us lot to finish our task.

Single dopatta, Single Salwar, bed cover, coushone cover etc.

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Therefore, this study tries to give some suggestion to establish a fashion business. Besides home textile and handicrafts is well fancy existing. So in the design section comes changed and novelty by the three years.

Anjans Eid Panjabi Light ash color cotton punjabi, super combination of stripe design fabrics with bright contrast blue color acute thread embroidery work on front side. Question marks are high-grown and low market share business or product. And its mission is to create panoramic designs of cloths by using local traditional fabrics and promote them in the market with a reasonable price.

This Panjabi is designed for the upcoming eid collection Long panjabi and short panjabi of Anjans are the best selling items for the couple of last years.

He works for the development of Bangladesh handicrafts through the banglacraft. Fotua for both men and children. The information we get was not adequate; Specially the technical data.

Salwar Kameez from Anjan's

All members hope that this report will convince you. Theoretical classes of BBA provide us theories regarding different subjects where as practical investigate gives us the chances to view those systems and their operations.

We have devoted our best effort to make the report more informative. Shaheen Ahmmed hard and hurry work and sincerity. Anjans Mens Panjabi Sky blue cotton fabrics classic panjabi, simple design work long panjabi for the up coming Eid They also change the design and pattern of their packet in different occasion for example — in their 10th anniversary they changed the design of their packet by adding some new colors and features, which was greatly appreciated by their customers.

Anjans Eid Fashion Purple color andi cotton embroidery work long panjabi for Eid festival Now, we have positioned the report before you for your authorization. They work in this country since from ; from this time the company continues the business as an independent company.

Now every aspects of marketing sectors they are achieving their target goals. They have targeted the customer of Dhaka who wants deshi good quality product and wants innovative deshi design.

Top 10 Anjans Eid Collection 2014 Mens Panjabi

This panjabi is priced Taka only. It makes the market broad more and more. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Last but not the least; we would like to thank our friends and the persons used in the survey who helped us to find these information and data.You must log in to continue.

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today my topic about top dress design collection. hope so u like it guyz Latest fashion collection Live now; Average Japanese House -. Johannesburg remains South Africa's commercial capital. The bulk of the sector's manufacturing however takes place in Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal.

The Western Cape is known for its high fashion orientation, while KwaZulu-Natal tend to focus on mass market production. ANJANS is one of the papular fashion house of Bangladesh. It eshtublished in at Siddeshwari, Dhaka.

Anjan's is specially very popular for home textiles and handicrafts. Mr. Shaheen Ahmmed, the Anjan’s proprietor, worked hard to make a quality fashion house.

Now Anjan's is the name of a local brand of fashion. Panjabi Punjabi the traditional dress for Bangladeshi men is the lungi shirt, which. Tk 4, Ex Tax: Tk 4,

Anjons the fashion house
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